Heal your Diverticulitis & Diverticulosis

by reducing colon inflammation & cleansing your diverticular pouches naturally

DivertiCleanse is the first natural digestive flush that clears trapped debris from your diverticular pockets and returns your colon health back to normal

    • Reduces inflammation in colon pouches (diverticula)
    • Cleanses each diverticular pocket of fecal matter
    • Removes harmful bacteria from deep within inflamed pouches
    • Strengthens the digestive wall & prevents rupture
    • Prevents new pouches from forming (diverticulosis)
    • Promotes healthy gut bacteria and maintains colon health
    • Relieves pain, gas, cramping & bloating

Works for both

diverticulosis and diverticulitis

DivertiCleanse includes 8 clinically proven ingredients that protect your digestive tract from dangerous complications of diverticulitis.

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Do you have diverticulitis or diverticulosis?

Most people with diverticulitis either don’t recognize their symptoms or completely ignore them until the situation becomes worse:

  • Pain in the belly (usually on the lower left side)
  • Gas & bloating
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Nausea or sometimes vomiting
  • Fever & chills
  • Loss of appetite
Any one of these could be a sign that you have diverticulitis and it is important to know how it can severely affect your health.

Diverticulitis pouches are not normal

Many sites incorrectly state that diverticulitis happens when the pouches in your intestines become inflamed. Yes, our digestive tract does have normal pouches and they are called haustra. However, these are not the pouches that are affected when you have diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis happens when your digestive wall begins to weaken and an unnatural pouch is created in your tract.

These new out-pouches are called diverticula and they can be very dangerous.

These pouches lack the strength of your normal digestive pockets and rupture much easier. Even a small rupture in your colon can immediately lead to an infection that can be life threatening and require immediate surgery.

The 5 stages of diverticulitis

Diverticulitis progresses in 5 stages and the sooner you stop it the better


Years of strain on the digestive tissue creates several weak points in the tracts where the tissue becomes fragile and damaged.


Continued strain on these weak points causes the digestive tract to bubble-out into pouches with a very thin outer lining. This is called diverticulosis.


These new pouches are not a normal part of your digestive tract and begin to trap bacteria and stool.


The trapped bacteria and stool cause inflammation in your diverticular pockets. This is called diverticulitis. What’s important to note here is that your digestive tract can be infected and inflamed without causing any major outward symptoms.


These infected pouches can rupture, causing a dangerous infection of the abdominal cavity that needs immediate medical treatment. This infection is called peritonitis and it can be fatal.

It is crucial to realize that once you have begun to form these diverticular pockets, your digestive tract has already been experiencing damage for years. Unless you treat your diverticulitis quickly and strengthen the weakened digestive tract wall, with every stool movement you can get closer to an eventual rupture which can require emergency surgery or even colon resection.


One of the biggest mistakes that most people suffering from diverticulosis or diverticulitis make is that they treat their condition like it is any other common digestive problem. Since much of the damage to the digestive tract takes place out of sight and without symptoms, most sufferers are unaware of the true danger brewing in their bowels.

Here are a few reasons why you should never ignore your diverticulitis, even if you don’t have severe symptoms:

Danger #1

Diverticulitis can cause a tear in your digestive tract

One common side effect of diverticular pockets forming in your digestive tract is that these pockets can trap harmful bacteria. Since our digestive tract has a higher level of immune surveillance, your immune system quickly becomes alerted to the presence of this harmful bacteria and tries to clear it by launching a counter-attack in the form of inflammation. However, since your diverticular pouches already have a much thinner wall than your digestive tract, this inflammation can cause the already weak digestive tissue to rupture. This can lead to a very serious infection called sepsis which can be fatal.

Danger #2

Colon inflammation can completely block your digestive tract

Since the colon is only about 2 inches wide, it doesn’t take much inflammation from progressing diverticulitis block the colon and completely stop the passage of stool. This kind of blockage can also lead to intestinal rupture and cause a serious infection.

Danger #3

Your diverticulitis can keep flaring up for life

Diverticula pouches are not like the natural digestive pockets found in your intestines. These pouches trap bacteria and stool particles much more often and easily become inflamed & infected. Since your diverticular pockets are rarely free from this debris, they tend to get regularly infected and with each infection they further damage the intestine.

Danger #4

Diverticulitis can make it hard to diagnose colon cancer

The age group at highest risk for colon cancer also are most likely to get diverticulitis. If you have ongoing diverticulitis, the inflammation can make it harder to catch polyps and detect colon cancer in the early stages. Remember, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths primarily because it is usually caught late.

As you can see, diverticulitis is not a condition that should be ignored. Doing something about it can save you from many of its serious complications that could follow.


The Best Way To Treat Diverticulitis At Home

As serious as diverticulitis is, there are a few easy steps you can take at home to make sure your problem is properly treated.

There are the 4 crucial things you need to do to overcome diverticulitis

Quickly reduce any inflammation in your digestive tract

Once the inflammation goes down, the chances of rupture are reduced and the digestive tract can start healing.

Properly cleanse the diverticular pockets

It is important to cleanse each diverticula of all stool debris and bacteria that has collected over the years. This ensures that the pouches won’t get infected again.

Strengthen the digestive wall

By nourishing the digestive tract and ensuring healthy turnover of new digestive cells you can fortify your intestine against any potential tears.

Prevent new diverticular pockets from forming

By ensuring that your stool doesn’t continue to strain the digestive wall and prevent any further weak points from forming in your large intestine.

And how do you easily accomplish all 4 of these goals at the same time?

The only clinical proven natural cleanse that targets all 4 goals of effective diverticulitis treatment.


DivertiCleanse is the first natural therapy specifically developed for diverticulitis. It is the only product to that addresses every single one of the 4 primary goals of diverticulitis therapy:


It eases the inflammation in your colon

The DivertiCleanse formula includes two natural anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe the inflammation in your digestive tissue. This not only helps quickly relieve any symptoms you may be feeling but also prevents diverticulitis complications like infections, fistulas or tissue rupture.


It cleanses your diverticular pockets

DivertiCleanse uses a proprietary combination of non-fermentable and fermentable fibers that go deep within each diverticula and cleanse out old fecal debris, breathing new life into your gut.


It strengthens the digestive wall

DivertiCleanse improves microcirculation in your digestive tissue and helps increase the turnover of healthy cells. This helps strengthen weak points in your gut and reverses the years of damage from diverticulitis.


It prevents the formation of new diverticula

One of the biggest benefits of DivertiCleanse is that it effectively stops any further damage to your colon. Our clinically proven formula helps fortify the inner lining of your digestive tract by creating a protective barrier which prevents hard stools from straining and outpouching your colon walls.

The combination of these 4 actions makes DivertiCleanse the most complete home therapy for your diverticular disease.


Have a look at the DivertiCleanse formula and how each ingredient is designed to give you complete protection from diverticulitis...

DivertiCleanse Ingredients – Safe, Effective & Proven to Work

DivertiCleanse is a remarkable combination of 8 clinically proven natural compounds that work together to overcome diverticulitis by addressing each one of the four crucial treatment targets.

AMP (Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides)

This is a highly purified extract of the aloe plant that has a tremendous soothing effect on the digestive tract and helps with easing diverticulitis inflammation. Our AMP is purified of all allergens so you only get the benefits without any of the potential irritants commonly found in aloe.

DGL Licorice

This remarkable plant increases the life of your intestine cells. It also increases the number of mucus secreting cells in the intestine helping create a protective digestive barrier. DGL Licorice also has a powerful anti-bacterial effect which helps prevent harmful bacteria trapped in your diverticula from causing infections. This ingredient also improves the circulation within your intestine and brings new life to your digestive tract. Finally, the anti-inflammatory effect of DGL licorice promotes the healing process in the gut and allows tissue injuries in your colon to heal faster.


This water soluble fiber is derived from konjac root. It takes on water in your digestive tract and forms a bulk mass that cleanses your digestive pockets. This ensures old fecal debris is cleared from hidden pouches and diverticula are cleansed.

Psyllium Husk Powder

This is another fiber compound that keeps your feces hydrated and soft preventing any strain on the walls of your colon. Psyllium has shown to prevent the formation of new diverticula and prevents inflammation of the diverticular pouches.

Psyllium Seed Powder

Most diverticulitis therapies only focus on providing one type of fiber to the sufferer in the form of psyllium husk. Most diverticulitis sufferers are never told that they could greatly benefit from another type of fiber, called fermentable fiber. Psyllium husk is a non-soluble, non-fermentable fiber, which makes it great for cleansing the digestive tract. However, the DivertiCleanse formula also includes psyllium seed powder which is a slow acting, fermentable fiber. This kind of fiber not only ensures a more complete cleansing of your diverticular pockets, its fermentation in the digestive tract also produces butyric acid which has shown to have anti-colon cancer activity – a crucial part of diverticulitis therapy.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine

This natural compound has an amazing property – since it forms a crucial part of the mucus membranes that form the digestive lining, it helps you keep the tract well lubricated. However, this compound goes one step beyond that. Studies have shown that N-Acetyl Glucosamine also has anti-cancer properties which is very important for any diverticulitis sufferer. Combined with AMP, this compound can create an effective barrier on the inside of your digestive tract and fortify it with ongoing protection against the worst complications of diverticulitis.

Slippery Elm

This ingredient gets activated as soon as it comes into contact with water. It forms a slippery gel that soothes your entire digestive system starting from your mouth all the way to the end of the large intestine. The benefits of slippery elm come from a substance known as mucilage that acts like lubricant and an anti-inflammatory bandage on your irritated digestive tissue.


This amino acid is crucial to the healthy turnover of cells that line the intestines. This ensures that your digestive tract remains in an optimal state.

All 8 ingredients in DivertiCleanse are all-natural and side-effect free

Notice how each ingredient’s effect combines with the others to provide complete relief from diverticulitis. If taken individually, the ingredients are not as effective as our proprietary blend that we’ve perfected over the years. This makes DivertiCleanse far more effective than any other natural product on the market.

Try DivertiCleanse today and start feeling healthier right away

  • Find relief from cramps, gas & bloating
  • Get rid of fecal debris that remains trapped in your diverticula
  • Feel truly cleansed on the inside
  • Pass stool without having to strain
  • Reverse the years of colon damage
  • Fell energized and rejuvenated
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It’s amazing how diverse the benefits of overcoming DivertiCleanse are. In fact, the only way to believe it is to hear it from people just like you…


The first time I tried the DivertiCleanse I began passing a crazy amount of stool. I was completely unaware how much garbage was inside me. It’s no wonder I had diverticular disease. At first the feces smelled bad and had a dark color. However, the color, texture and smell got much better once my colon was thoroughly cleansed. I felt almost 10 pounds lighter and my diverticulitis just went away. I strongly recommend doing the diverticulitis cleanse every few months to keep your system clear and diverticulitis away for good.

Holandia E. UK

During a routine colonoscopy my doctor told me I had diverticular disease. As I read more on it online, I was under the impression that diverticulosis or diverticulitis is nothing serious and there’s nothing I needed to do. I was wrong. Two years later, I began feeling pain on the left side of my belly and tried dealing with it on my own. Soon I developed a fever and was rushed to the ER because of complications from my diverticulitis. I learned the hard way that diverticulitis is not something you ignore. Since then, I have been using DivertiCleanse to make sure my bowels stay safe.

A. S. GA

I can't say enough about your product because it's been a lifesaver for me. My diverticulitis flareups used to happen often and each flareup was worse than the last. My biggest fear was things getting worse to the point of needing surgery (and it looked like things were heading that way). Ever since I started using diverticleanse the flareups are gone and I just feel healthier. It really has given me peace of mind which to me is priceless.

Linda S. ND

I have been recommending this product to so many people based on the results I’ve had (not just for diverticulitis but GI health in general). I went from almost having a resection because of diverticulitis to a clean bill of health from my doctor. All in a matter of weeks. It’s hard to find a product that does everything that diverticleanse does. You have to try it to believe how well it works.

Mathew T. VA

About DivertiCleanse

Our company was founded in 2006 when a few gastroenterologists came to understand that the treatment their diverticulitis patients were getting was quite inadequate. Most diverticulitis sufferers were struggling to perfectly incorporate the diet changes they were being recommended into their lifestyle and many were simply ignoring the problem until things got so bad they required emergency treatment.

It was clear that what was needed was a simpler solution that incorporated the doctor’s advice and allowed the sufferer to easily give their digestive tract the ongoing protection they required.

Thus began the long and arduous task of sifting through all the relevant clinical data and identifying all the compounds that would allow the sufferer to target every single one of the 4 primary goals of diverticulitis treatment.

Two years later a remarkable product was born which incorporated 8 natural compounds that worked synergistically to give diverticulitis and diverticulosis sufferers their best defense against their condition.

The product, which is called DivertiCleanse, goes beyond just any other digestive cleanse on the market. It is the first product designed to flush out debris from the individual diverticula using a unique combination of soluble, insoluble, fermentable and non-fermentable fibers. When mixed with water, the powder gets instantly activated into a gel that also imparts anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory defenses to the diverticular pockets.

As the activated gel makes its way through your tract, it establishes a mucosal barrier rich in antioxidants and tissue regenerative compounds on the inner lining of your colon.

What followed our initial product launch ten years ago were countless improvements to our proprietary formula. As of today, DivertiCleanse incorporates the most current clinically relevant natural compounds for diverticulitis. If there’s research out there indicating that something is beneficial for diverticulitis, you can be assured that we’ve already tested it in our formula.

The results of our decade long research effort speak for themselves. Diverticulitis sufferers worldwide have reported that nothing gives them long lasting relief like DivertiCleanse.

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